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Seasoned Full Stack Web Developer with comprehensive technical skills and expertise in Web Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Magento, vBulletin, jQuery, Server Administration & Security, MySQL, SEO, PhoneGap, Usability and IT Applications. Proficient problem solver that has creative ideas, a strong passion for work, team development and leadership.

personal info
my story

I love anything 'web' and have been doing it for almost 20 years! Ever since I made my first fan website, I have made hundreds more. I know everything from design, code, to server administration and continue to learn new technologies and stay up-to-date with coding trends.

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Computer Science. I currently work full-time as an Independent IT Consultant with my business Fishline Media. I am always looking for new opportunities and look forward to contribute my skills in any way I can.

Steve J. Thompson
my hobbies
work hard, play hard
  • coding

    I enjoy working on side projects and learning new web frameworks.

  • family

    Spending time with family and friends.

  • music

    Love playing guitar and piano during my free time. I used to play in a local band called LuciDream.

  • cinema

    Enjoy watching movies and baseball.

  • gaming

    My guilty pleasure is playing video games ;)


professional profile


  • Proficient problem solver that has creative ideas and won’t stop working until something is complete. A strong passion for work, team development and leadership.

  • Motivated, charismatic personality who works well with people and creates project deliverables in a timely manner.

  • Strong leadership, management and organizational skills, can project manage and strategically plan web operations.

  • Extensive knowledge on the 'entire' web development process (paper to production) with over 15+ years of hands-on experience.

  • Extensive knowledge in following PHP scripts: vBulletin, Xenforo, OSCommerce, Magento, WordPress.

  • Extensive knowledge in Server Administration: Windows 2003/2008, Linux RedHat/CentOS/Debian, Shell Scripts, Server/Network Security, Plesk and cPanel.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management
  • University of Missouri
  • Columbia, Missouri

This degree is from the Truslake Business College, University of Missouri. I also have completed 30 hours in Computer Science courses fromt the College of Engineering.

high school diploma
  • Rock Bridge Senior High School
  • Columbia, Missouri

Rock Bridge is a student-centered comprehensive high school where students achieve at high levels. The unique culture at Rock Bridge features a commitment to shared decision-making, collaboration, and a focus on student learning.

Programmer/Analyst - Expert, Web Manager
  • University of Missouri Health System
  • Columbia, Missouri

Extensive web development and programming for MU Health Care and the School of Medicine. My duties included oversight of all web operations, including server management and implementing a consistent brand identity.

Programmer/Analyst - Expert
  • MU School of Medicine
  • Columbia, Missouri

Collaborated internally to ensure communication and consistency for the web school-wide. Introduced a new ‘identity’ with a uniform design and was able to get 18 out of 22 departments on board using strong interpersonal skills.


what am i good at

I have accumulated many skills over the years that I feel helps make me the 'complete package' when it comes to web development.

server security
server networking
virtual/cloud hosting
  • Google Analythics & SEO
  • WordPress Development
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Forums & Bulletin Boards
  • Web Usability
  • User Experience
  • Content Management Systems
  • Code Validation
  • GitHub
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Accessibility
  • Database Optimization
  • Responsible
  • Leader
  • Reliable
  • Hard-working
  • Creative
  • Funny
  • Great Communicator
  • Flexible
  • Personal integrity
  • Positive work ethic
  • Team oriented
  • Kind


what my clients get

When I freelance and work on my business - I make sure that not only do my clients get what they 'want' but what they 'need'. I help them explore and discover the web and understand what I am doing and how. To learn more about my business and services I offer, please visit website below:

Fishline Media

work process
how i work in my projects


highlighted projects

Below are some examples of work I have done throughout the years. Most of these projects I helped with design, development, hosting and maintenance. Most recent and highlighted projects are listed first.

MU School of Medicine
School website and all 22 departments (Custom PHP Development)
MU Health Care
Hospital and service lines
Research Institution/Program website
Mobile Application (PhoneGap, Custom PHP)
Online bidding site for financial services (Custom PHP Development)
AGRO Division
Division of the American Chemical Society (Custom PHP Development, Wordpress)
Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio
International Quilting/Pattern company (Magento, Custom PHP)
Quilter's Lightbox
Quilting Software company (Wordpress, Custom PHP)
Student Advising Tool Web Application
JDeane Jobs
Regional Recruiting company based in Kansas City
10 Below
Local bar and pub below Harpo's
All Dogs & Cats
Local Pet Salon (Design)
The Final Fantasy
Video game/community website (Design, Coding)
East Africa in Focus
Poltical blog (Wordpress)
ACCESS Academies
Education group in St. Louis (Wordpress)
Local College Sports Bar (Wordpress)
Harpo's (KC)
College Sports Bar in Kansas City (Wordpress)
Recruitment Web Application (Custom PHP)
Cafe/Restaurant (Initial website, FLASH)
Home of Hope
Foundation for East Africa (Wordpress)
Studio B
Dance Studio in Missouri (Design)
IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry
Worldwide conference for chemistry professionals (Wordpress)
Management & Coaching company out in Seattle
Maternity Jersey
Sport Apparel business in St. Louis (Design)
Mediplex Health
Nurse staffing firm in St. Louis (Wordpress)
Medical equipment supplier in St. Louis (Magento, Custom PHP)
The Attraction Forums
World's largest POA community (vBulletin, Custom PHP)
Dr. Marberry
Clinical provider website
F & A Cycle
Motorcycle servcie/repair shop in Missouri (Wordpress)
Wine & More
Winery in St. Louis (Wordpress)
Mirror Lake Alpacas
Alpaca ranch in Missouri (Design)
Sky Hi Bar & Grill
Local bar and grill (Wordpress)
Sustaining Spaces
Energy management company (Wordpress)
Management and Leadership company (Wordpress)
Amero Associates
Management & Recruiting in Seattle (Design)
Art Hog Gallery
Art Gallery in St. Louis (Design)
Autumn Ridge
Neighborhood association in Kansas City (Design)
Skin care product page (Design)
Commerical Pumping
Plumbing services in St. Louis
Butterfly Energy Works
Energy Management business in St. Louis (Design, Wordpress)
Ripley County Farms
Local farm and seed
Brennan Innovators
Learning center in St. Louis (Design)
Bye Bye Monster
Children's book store (Design)
Central Properties
Property Management company in St. Louis (Design)
Career Group International
Human Resources company in St. Louis (Design)
Chris Hatfield
Musician/Artist website (Design)
Cosmetology Concepts
Local salon/spa business (Design)
Deane Electric
Electric company in Kansas City (Design)
Guest Pulse
Social Media tracking website (Design)
Ingredients Link
Supplier/Tracking system (Custom PHP)
Inspire Marketing
Marketing firm in Minnesota
Wedding website/template (Design)
Library Solutions
Library supplies business in St. Louis (OSCommerce, PHP)
Lindsey Rentals
Local equipment rental business (Design)
MasterMind Network
Leadership firm in St. Louis (Design)
Odiorne Recruiting
Recruiting firm in Oregon (Design)
Retailer supplies firm in St. Louis (OSCommerce, PHP)
Osage Alpacas
Alpaca farm in Missouri (Design)
Peachtree Catering
Local catering business (Design)
Precision Restorations
Auto restoration business in St. Louis (Wordpress)
Quilts of Maryland
Quilting company in Maryland (Design)
SCI Supplies
Office Supplier in St. Louis (Design)
St. Louis NTMA
St. Louis NTMA Chapter (Design)
My old band's website (Design)
Upfront Music Group
Record Label/Studio (Design)
Wildwood Dermatology
Dermatology clinic in St. Louis (Design)
Child Development Lab
University daycare and reserach (Design)
Portfolio site for designer (Design)
Jim Summers
Realtor website (Design)
School of Law
MU School of Law website (Design)
featured work
My personal favorites

Steve is not only an excellent web designer and computer expert, he provides an exceptional level of customer service. I can always count on Steve to treat my projects with a sense of urgency. He’s unique perspective on web design and high level of creativity have directly impacted my site traffic. He is a true pleasure to work with and has been a valuable asset to my organization’s growth.

Julie Deane, President
JDeane Restaurant Services, LLC

I can always count on Steve to get the job done and done right. He's a great web developer and he's had a wide range of experience. We've collaborated on countless projects, and his uncanny knack for understanding others' thought processes ensures he always delivers an outstanding product.

Matt Finazzo, Cyber Systems Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Having worked so closely with Steve for the last several months we really feel he is part of our team. He is an amazing site designer/ developer and have never failed to deliver. We arent the easiest team to work with...(Ok, now move it 1 cm. to the right kinda people) but Steve has never not brought his A game to the plate.

Gary Tripp, CEO
Inside Hospitality, LLC - GuestPulse

Steve did what I needed, when I needed it, and how I needed it! His professionalism and attitude made the project a breeze. The ehnacements he made to our website were critical to our business's marketing needs.

Matt Thompson, Owner
Shift Note

Day, Night, or even at 3am... Steve's amazing dedication and quality knows no time limits! His personable yet highly detailed work style is the key to his success! We are each other's "ying" and "yang" of servicing our clients with top-quality interactive creative and marketing services! His ability to understand and interpret the online needs with little direction and short turnaround has been a life saver. Consider your business lucky to have him on the team... I know I do!

Melissa Fulkerson, President
Inspire Marketing

We here at Upfront Music Group which is an independent artist development and record label have used and relied on personalized websites to handle all of our online web design and hosting needs, and have been very pleased with the service in which they have provided for us, most notable the timely updates and quick response to our concerns. we highly recommend personalized websites for your online web services.

Edward C Cohens, President
Upfront Music Group

Steve is a very capable and knowledgeable worker. He is always willing to go that extra mile or put in that extra hour of work to make the project look just right or add that final detail that was asked for at the last minute. Also, Steve always has a very upbeat attitude towards every task. A real joy to have around the office.

Michael Lipinski, Senior Software Engineer

Steve works hard into the night. He burns the midnight oil to get a lot of things done with his personal web endeavors. Hard worker with a lot of creative ideas.

Scott M. Thompson, Assistant Professor
Mississippi State University


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